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Get an Instant Loan When You Need Cash Today

Written By natalie dery on Rabu, 29 Januari 2014 | 02.29

Emergencies happen, when you least expect them. Whether it's a car that won't start in the morning or a sudden medical issue, life can take an unexpected turn. The fact is most hard working Americans live paycheck to paycheck, with no cash reserves for emergencies. When something unexpected happens, the lucky few are able to borrow money from family, friends or coworkers, but for most people, this is not an option.

What is a short term cash advance loan?

Short term loans also referred to as cash advance loans, are offered to consumers, who need cash in 24 to 48 hours. Most lenders offer cash up to $500 but select lenders provide up to $1,000. Once you are approved for a loan, cash is wired to your checking or savings account. You can then withdraw the money via an automatic teller machine (ATM) to meet your needs.

So what's the catch? Cash advance loans are short term loans, which means that you are expected to repay the loan in 14 days to 30 days. Some lenders allow you to extend your repayment period but that means that you have to pay additional interest charges.

What are the qualification requirements for a loan?

Most lenders have three main qualification requirements. The most important requirement is that you are employed and have held your position for at least 90 days or 3 months, with the same employer. Additional requirements may include the amount your earn per month. For example, some lenders will only provide a loan, if you make at least $1,000 per month after all deductions. Deductions include child support, alimony, medical and retirement expenses. Lastly, some lenders only offer loans to citizens of the United States.

I have bad credit - Can I still get a loan?

Yes. Unlike traditional loans, which require a good to great credit score, cash advance loan lenders just need to know that you are employed and can repay the loan back. If you have a credit score below 720, getting a traditional loan such as a home equity line of credit (HELOC) or home equity loan, will be difficult, even if you own a home.

You can get a short term loan, whether you have no credit, a history of bankruptcy, foreclosure or write-offs, as long as your employment history can be verified.

What is the next step to getting a loan?

You can get a loan at your neighborhood cash store or apply for a loan, online. The main advantage to applying electronically is that you can get a loan faster, with less hassles. If you choose to apply for a loan at your neighborhood, ensure that you have the proper documents, including pay-stubs, banking information and references. Most online loan applications can be completed in less than 2 minutes, if you have your employment and paycheck information.


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